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Lesson 28

The Tea Story -Time Line

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By now you have come across various aspects of tea from its origin to its use, about the plants and its cultivation across the globe, making the beverage in modern methods, its trade and commerce. You have come to know how the origin of tea is infused with blend of myth and facts and coloured by ancient concepts of spirituality and philosophy. You have heard the story how the Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea and how it was born. It became a tradition in China then in Japan and the drinking of tea evolved into a more popular pastime, moving away from the realm of pharmacology and becoming a refined part of everyday life. Therafter,you have realized  how tea conquers the world and what is today’s tea.

Now let us start a journey from the beginning slowly along the timeline of TEA to get acquainted with the events related to its origin, culture, development, science & technology, trade and commerce, political affairs etc. Here is the timeline.

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