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Lesson 10

Nutrient and water management

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Nurseries are normally established in rich soil and as such no chemical fertilizers are necessary to apply, at least till the plants complete a flush of growth. However, if the plants are debilitated by attacks of pests and diseases, then to encourage growth, judicious application of fertilizer may be done. In poor soil, manuring is necessary to accelerate the growth of the nursery plants so that transplanting is not delayed. Organic manure like cattle manure can safely be applied to the plants in the nursery.If applied with care and discretion, inorganic fertilizers also can give equally good results. Inorganic fertilizers may be applied in the nursery beds or sprayed as foliar spray on the plants.

Irrigation is one of the most important operations in nursery management.The beds as well as the sleeves should be moist all the time but not wet.The bedsshould be watered about 24 hours before planting the cuttings. After planting, the cuttings should be lightly watered which should be continued for another 2 to 3 days in the afternoon. Thereafter irrigation should be done whenever necessary so that there is never any drying out while, on the other hand, free and easy drainage in the sleeves and the beds is to be ensured.

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