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Lesson 4


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At present in Bangaldesh, tea areas are located in two fairly divergent ecological zones, viz., Greater Sylet zone, the Surama valley and Chittagong zone, the Halda valley.Tea is grown on flat land  at low elevations, usually below 50 m. Dark-leaf hardy assamica varieties occupy the existing plantation in Bangladesh. However, clones and biclonal seed stocks released by Bangladesh Tea Research Institute are now used in replanting. Tea bushes remain dormant during winter season, restricting plucking to about nine months of the year. Almost the entire production is CTC teas. A very small amount of green tea is produced for export market.

The tea is cultivated as mono crop on large scale by different companies. The tea gardens in Bangladesh are under diverse management ownership. Some gardens are managed by Sterling Companies some by the National Tea Co (NTC) which is a public limited company and rest are proprietary concerns.A few gardens are also managed by Bangladesh Tea Board under ministry of commerce.

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