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Lesson 22

Classification of Tea Diseases

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The diseases which commonly occur in tea can be classified into two broad groups, viz.,

(a) Primary diseases and

 (b) Secondary diseases.

A disease which can cause death of the healthy tissues or the bushes even under the best growing conditions is called a primary disease. On the other hand, the secondary diseases are those which attack the bushes only after the health of the plants is impaired due to cultural and/or environmental stresses.

The primary and the secondary diseases can be further categorised into different groups on the basis of the site of first (major) infestation on the tea bushes as root diseases, stem diseases and leaf diseases.

Before going into details, let us have a look on the major tea diseases and their occurrence in different tea growing countries.

Major Tea Diseases Country
Leaf Diseases  Blister Blight China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
Red Rust China,   India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Central Africa, Uganda, Peru
Bird’s Eye Spot China, Japan, India. Sri Lanka, Indonesia
Black Rot India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka
Anthracnose China, Japan, Taiwan
Reticular Blight Japan, Taiwan
Scab Malawi , Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Brazil
Stem Diseases Branch Canker Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malawi, Kenya,
Thorny Stem Blight India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Columbia
Wood-rot India, Sri Lanka, Kenya
Collar Canker India, Sri Lanka, Kenya
Die back India, Sri Lanka
Pink Disease Kenya, Burundi, Cameroon, Madascar
Thread Blight Columbia
Root Diseases Brown Root Rot China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia
Red Root Rot China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia
Diplodia Root Rot India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malawi
Black Root Rot Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Central Africa
Root Splitting India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Central Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda,  Zimbabwe
Pale Brown root rot Malawi

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