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Lesson 23

Grades of Tea

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Broadly speaking, there are four grades of tea.

These are-whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings and dust. Each of these grades again has various sub-grades. Of the four, only the latter three (Broken, fannings and dust) can be produced in case of CTC manufacture.

Grades of Orthodox Tea

(i) Orthodox whole Leaf Grades

Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe GFOP
Flowery Orange Pekoe FOP
Orange Pekoe OP
Pekoe P
Pekoe Souchong PS

 (ii)Orthodox Broken Grades

Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe GEBOP
Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe FBOP
Broken Orange Pekoe BOP
Broken Pekoe BP
Broken Pekoe Souchong BPS

(iii) Orthodox Fanning

Flowery Orange Fanning FOF
Orange Fanning OF
Pekoe Faning PF
Fanning F
Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning BOPF
Broken Pekoe Fanning BPF

(iv) Orthodox Dust

Pekoe Dust PD
Red Dust RD

Grades of CTC tea

(i) CTC Broken

Broken Pekoe one


Broken Pekoe two


Broken Orange Pekoe


Broken Pekoe Souchong


(ii) Fannings

CTC Pekoe Fannings one PF1
CTC Pekoe Fannings two PF2

(iii) CTC dust

Pekoe Dust PD
Dust D
Churamoni Dust CD

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