Tea World

Lesson 4

Other Tea Growing Countries

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The other tea growing countries of the world are – Peru, Barundi, Cameroon, Paraguay, Malaya, Rwanda, New Guinea, Colombia, St.Helena, Bolivia, Mexico, Fiji, Martinque, Carolina, Corsica, Equador, New Zealand, Maritius,Brazil, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Canada, France, Ethiopia, Germany, Madagascar, Mal, Montenegro, Nigeria , Nepal, Panama, North Korea, South Korea, Zambia, Seychelles, Portugal, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, United States (There are many  small tea farms  in the United States,the largest is in South Carolina.The largest concentration of tea producers is in Hawaii). United Kingdom (Tregothna tea estate produces tea outside of Truro, England. Also, small tea farms have begun to pop up across Scotland. The first was Wee Tea Plantation. In 2016, a Scottish Tea Growers’ Association has also been formed).

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