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Planting the cutting

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Extreme care is required during the time of planting the cuttings, which should be carried out during the early morning or evening hours or any time during a cloudy day. In no case, it should be carried out under direct sun.The spacing for planting the cuttings in bed depends on whether those will be transferred to the sleeves or will be left in situ to be removed with bheti. For callusing only, the cuttings may be spaced at 5cm x 8cm for small leaves and at 8cm x 10cm for medium size leaves in triangular design. In case of large leaf clones, the mother leaf of the cuttings may be cut into half to get better result. For bheti planting, the cuttings may be spaced at 10cm x 10cm triangular for the clones known as poor rooters which may be spaced out after about six months when the plants go banjhi. For clones known to be good rooters, cuttings may be initially spaced at 20cm.

Planting of cuttings in Callusing bed


Planting of cuttings in sleeve

Transfer to sleeve

The cuttings throw out roots in the callusing beds after about 8-12 weeks period. These can, then, be transferred to the sleeves. The cuttings should be carefully uprooted and transferred with a little soil attached to its base covering the callus and the roots. A little quantity of soil is removed at the center of the prepared sleeve and the uprooted cutting is planted firmly in the sleeve.

A callused cutting

A rooted cutting

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