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Lesson 19

Plucking System

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Among the different system of plucking followed in different countries, the three systems of plucking are -Janam Plucking, Fish-leaf Plucking and Plucking to a leaf or Single leaf Plucking.

Janam Plucking means, in this system, shoots are plucked above the janam.  This system of plucking is followed in N.E. India.

  In fish leaf plucking, shoots are plucked leaving the fish leaf, while in single leaf plucking it is done leaving the janam, fishleaf and one single foliage leaf. Outside N.E. India, Fish leaf and Single leaf plucking are the normal practices.

In some countries like Japan where the shoot growth is slow and plucking is done only for 3-4 times in a year by plucking machines, all shoots on the plucking surface are harvested and these are sorted out into a number of grades and manufactured separately for making green tea of different quality.


Illustration of Different systems of Plucking

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