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Lesson 20

Shade Management

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Rotation of Shade Trees

Shade trees should be managed on a shorter rotation of 20-25 years. This is required to avoid shade trees with large trunk diameter as such trees when they fall because of storm, normally damage 25 -30 bushes. Incidence of pests and diseases is also drastically minimized when shade trees are renewed on a shorter rotation. Therefore, interplanting of permanent shade trees should be done in the tea section where the older shade trees will have reached their rotational age in about 6-8 years.

Maintenance of Young Shade Trees

The young shade trees in the field need constant attention for their growth and development. Sucking and leaf eating caterpillars are the main pests of shade trees.Timely control measures against these pests should be taken for a successful raising of the shade trees.

From the third year of establishment, the lower branches of the young shade trees should be trimmed selectively for obtaining a clean bole and a single leaf canopy. After trimming or cutting the branches, the cut ends should immediately be painted with indopaste.


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