Tea World

Lesson 4

South Africa

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The tea is grown in Northern Transvaal, Natal, Zululand and Transkei. The areas are situated below 25 0 S latitude. In Transvaal, Natal and Zululand, tea is planted above 900 m while300 m is the average elevation of tea in Transkei. The tea areas experience period of high day temperature, low night temperature and strong wind. The tea estates in South Africa are managed by big companies. The dominating group in current South African tea industry is Sapekoe, a subsidiary of Industrial Development Agency (IDA), with estates at Grenshoek, Middlekop and Mambedi near Tzaneen in the northern Transvaal and Ngome and Richmond in Natal. This group accounts for some 67 %of the South African’s production.

In South Africa, over 36% of its area is under clones released by TRF (Tea Research Foundation).Plucking operation is concentrated during November to March.

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