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Taiwan is known primarily for the production of Oolong tea. The island of Taiwan is approximately 350 km long from north to south and a range of mountains runs down its entire length. The island is situated between 220 and 25 0N latitudes. Tea is grown on table land and broken foothills on the northern part of the island between the mountain range and the alluvial plains bordering the north-western coast. The elevation of the tea areas ranges from 80 m to 300 m above sea level. The main tea plantations in Taiwan are found in Taipei,Taoyuan,Hsinchu, Miaoli,Nantou, Chiayi,Yunlin, Yilan, Hwalien and Taitung counties.

Chinsin oolong, Chinsin dapan, TTES No.12 are the dominant tea cultivars in Taiwan. The other varieties include TTES No.13, Evergreen, Assam, Yinchu honsin and Chinsin kanchu. The new local variety, Evergreen, is becoming popular. Chinsin oolong is a key variety for manufacturing Oolong tea.

Tea production systems in Taiwan are unique because most tea farmers,  numbering over 7000 have their own tea manufacturing equipment.Taiwan occupies a unique position among tea growing regions of the world with products ranging from non-fermented green tea, partially fermented Oolong tea, to black tea.

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