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Time of Propagation

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In equatorial regions, cutting can be propagated throughout the year, but success may not be uniform. In temperate climate, winter months are not suitable for open air propagation. Propagation during very dry spell when humidity is also low results in death of many cuttings. It is, therefore, necessary for every tea growing region to ascertain the most suitable time in the year for propagation.

In the plains of North East India, vegetative propagation is carried out generally in two seasons viz., during mid April and early June (Spring propagation) and mid September and mid October (Autumn propagation). During these two periods, the maximum number of cuttings can be obtained with higher rooting success and subsequent growth in the nursery. Number of cuttings is more in case of autumn season, which, however, should not be carried out after the middle of October. On the other hand, with proper care and maintenance regarding soil moisture and shade status in the nursery, the vegetative propagation can be carried out at any time of the year, if situation demands. Again the growth and flushing behaviour patterns vary from clone to clone in different soil and climate conditions. Therefore, the correct time of taking cuttings for different clones in different seasons may be found out at specific locations by observation and experience.

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