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Lesson 17

Methods of Bringing up of Young Tea

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The methods followed in bringing up of young tea in different countries are almost similar excepting the variation in height, age of plants and timing of pruning and tipping operations.

The standard procedure followed in East Africa is to prune (centering) the sleeve-grown plants at 15 cm when they attain a height of 30 cm or more leaving at least 3 leaves below the pruning height. The laterals are cut across at 28 cm when they are one cm thick at that height. Pruning is repeated at 41 cm when majority of the shoots become one cm thick at that height. The bushes are then tipped at about 61 cm when three leaves are produced above the pruning measure. Thereafter plucking continues until pruning at the end of three –four years.

In Sri Lanka, in one of the methods, the first pruning is done at 23 cm eight to nine months after planting. The bushes are next pruned at 35-38 cm 4-5 months after the first prune and tipped at 45 cm. Plucking continues without any more pruning for about 5 years after which the final frame forming prune is given at 45 cm. In another method, plants are allowed to grow freely. For about a year after planting and then cut across at 30cm.The next prune is given at 35-40 cm depending on the growth made by the plant. After tipping at 45-50 cm, plucking is continued until the final frame-forming prune at the end of three years.

In N.E. India, the method adopted for bringing up young tea is similar to those followed in other region with some modifications to suit the different situation. The detailed procedure is given under “Method of Bringing up of Young Tea in N.E. India”  

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