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Lesson 15

Planting of Tea in Undulating Hilly Areas

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Planting of Tea in Undulating Hilly Areas

You have already come to know that though planting is simple operation, it has significant effects on the growth and development of young tea plant and subsequent productivity. Tea being a perennial long term crop, any mistake you do at the time of planting cannot be rectified easily. Conservation of soil, means to check the erosion, to protect the soil organic mature from being burnt by sunlight are some important considerations at the time of clearing and planting tea. Secondly, to dispose-off the rain water safely from the tea field is another important aspect.In many tea growing regions tea is grown in hill slope and these regions receive heavy rain in some parts of the year. If the planting of tea is not done scientifically based on topography, productivity of the soil is bound to decrease within a short period of time. Washing of the top soil, land slide, difficulties in carrying out the cultural operations and plucking are some of the problems you will encounter. Therefore, if tea is cultivated in commercial scale under such hilly slopping areas, the planting should be done based on Topographical or Catchment Planning.

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