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Lesson 19

Plucking of Tea

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Plucking of Tea

Plucking in tea is synonymous to harvesting in other crops. It is also described as picking in some countries. The tender apical portions of shoots consisting of two to three leaves and the terminal buds are nipped-off in plucking. These tender portions of the shoot constitute the economic yield of tea. During plucking, recurrent checks and stimulus are provided to the bush by continuous removal of vegetative organ at frequent intervals. In tropical and subtropical belt where dormancy period is absent or short, plucking is done throughout the year or for major time of the year. However, in some countries like Japan, harvesting is done from March to November as the tea bushes remain dormant for the rest of the year. Plucking encourages regeneration of shoots on a tea bush. In this operation a delicate balance must be maintained between immediate gain and the capacity of the bush to generate new shoots for harvest.

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