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Lesson 13

Land Preparation in Uprooted and Marginal Land

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The continuous monocropping of tea for many years may destroy the physical condition of soil and make the soil compact. The unsatisfactory growth of plants in such area is due to the lack of aeration and sheer physical obstruction in the growth of roots. In case of the land under other crops like sugarcane, orange or other crops also, the soil structure may be destroyed by rain beating on soil and breaking down of the soil aggregates, burning up of organic matter by the sun in exposed soil. All these factors lead not only to deterioration of soils physical condition but also its fertility status. While the fertility status may be easily rectified by addition of nutrients, the improvement of the physical condition of the soil is a long term process.

The land after the uprooting of the old tea bushes, or any other such areas where soil’s physical condition is poor, is required to be rehabilitated before planting tea.

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