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Georgia in Russia (former USSR) is the   northernmost tea producing area in the world. Initially tea was planted on the eastern shore of the Black Sea in Republic of Georgia.Planting was later extended to the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Republic of Krasnodar. Georia accounts for 87 percent of the tea area. The tea growing areas are situated between 400 and 450 N latitudes on flat terraces and gentle slopes of low hills upto elevation of 700 m above sea level, but two third of the tea plantations is located below 300 m elevation.

Only the China type of tea and its small leaf hybrids can thrive under low temperature conditions. Tea bushes remain covered with snow sometimes for 2-4 weeks during a part of the winter season. Tea estates in Russia are run either as collective farms or State farms but green leaves are manufactured in factories owned by the Government. Plucking season lasts for six months from May to October. Harvesting is done partly by hand and partly by machine. Four types of Black and green teas are manufactured in Russia, including brick tea.

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