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Lesson 10

Selection of Nursery Site

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Nursery sites should be selected in open high land and the soil should be of good structure and depth and well drained. The acidity of the nursery soil should be around pH 5.0 and free from parasitic nematodes (Meloidogyne spp).Virgin areas with right type of soil is considered to be the best for raising seed nursery. In virgin forest areas, the area should be cleared a year in advance and hard woody materials such as pieces of stem and root should be removed from the site. If nursery has to be established in old nursery site or uprooted tea land, the soil should be properly rehabilitated and tested for acidity and nematodes. Nurseries are best avoided on the southern and south western aspects of slopes in hilly areas.

Bed Preparation

The land should be ploughed and cross-ploughed followed by harrowing to a fine tilth about a month prior to laying out the beds. The width of the seed beds is generally limited to 120 cm for working but it can be of any convenient length. Seed beds may be laid out in East-West direction on flat land and across slopes along contours in case of slopes.In sloping terrain, beds should be made narrow. While preparing the beds, care is taken in providing drains so as to avoid waterlogging. In N.E.India, each bed is enclosed by a drain of about 30 cm deep and 30 cm wide which is connected with drains of the other beds and finally to the outlet.

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