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Lesson 31

Tea Tradition in Malyasia

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This Southeast Asian country's signature brew contains black tea, sugar, and condensed milk. The local preference is for strong, full-flavoured black tea, usually sweetened with large amounts of sugar and often a good dollop of milk. The most important beverage which is enjoyed by all the Malaysians is the ‘Teh tarik’. Teh tarik or “pulled tea” is a special frothy tea. The ‘teh tarik’ is prepared by adding condensed milk to a brew of strong black tea. The condensed milk is sometimes mixed with hot milk also. To achieve its distinctly frothy texture, Malaysian brewers pour the beverage back and forth between mugs, giving the liquid repeated access to cool air as it flows from one glass to another.This mixture is poured from a height back and forth which creates sweet froth on top of the tea. Besides helping to mix the tea and condensed milk the tea also cools down and is brought down to a temperature which is just right for drinking.

There are many competitions held in Malaysia where experts come and display their techniques of pouring ‘teh tarik’. They whip milk through the air and go as high as possible displaying various techniques of pouring it.

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