Tea World

Lesson 31

Tea tradition in USA

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Whether cold or warm, in the morning or at night, tea is one of the most popular non- alcoholic drinks in the States. In USA, you will find green, black and even the oolong tea, the traditional Chinese tea. In this sense, it doesn´t matter the type of tea as they are all included in North American people’s healthy diet. Today   coffee is still preferred for the morning ritual, ice tea is often consumed with lunch and all types of tea are drunk in the evenings.

Tea parties can be celebrated for many occasions, from the very small and intimate to the large family gatherings and celebrations. In the U.S. south a regional favorite called  Sweet Tea  – which is brewed, sweetened, and chilled in advance of consumption – may be served at all meals and throughout the day as an alternate to other beverages. In the United States , about 85% of the tea consumed is served cold, or iced.Iced tea is more frequently consumed during periods of hot weather or in lower latitudes, and hot tea is likewise more common in colder weather.

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