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A Timely Cup of Tea

I was listening to a poet 
reciting his poem “Times”.
He was pondering, could 
it be like this and that?
Suddenly my cup of tea 
happened to taste so sweet,
made me wonder why. 
wasn’t it such an edgy, 
A while ago any time 
before now just as tasty.

Where on a stony thorn 
was it stuck this long?

It had to bloom just now, 
so sweet a rose!  
No one predicted whether it 
will rain or not, it just drops.
The sun, shedding clouds, 
suddenly swims so low! 

Pondering me, I could 
then only digest it
accepting a truth:
It doesn’t matter when 
the bees love to come out, 
sit on the rose and fly.
For the time, its best bard

only sings on time!

Written by Shofi Ahmed

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