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Darjeeling Green Tea

I love sipping Darjeeling green tea; 
Like its aroma, like its color. 
To a day-long freshness, my key. 
Tea adds luster to my rich culture.

Like it better with cardamom; 
The spice further enhances its taste. 
The best tea is prepared by Mom; 
When she makes, none of it goes to waste.

Love dunking buttered rusks and biscuits; 
Love dunking jammed and jellied bread too. 
Drinking tea keeps me in high spirits; 
A habit which remains fixed like glue. 

Had tea in Calcutta in clay cups; 
Delicious and so energetic. 
After drinking, disposed of the cups. 
The best drink to keep me kinetic.

Written by Mohsin Maqbool Elahi

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