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Tea Poems have been written since we have been drinking tea. In classical Chinese literature, a vast body of work includes many poems dedicated to tea. You will be surprised to know that there are more than forty eight thousand surviving poems written by twenty thousand poets from the Tang dynasty alone. Tea and poetry have an inextricable link. In Japan, the poet Issa, an 18th-19th century Japanese poet from the village of Kashiwabara in the mountains of Japan’s Shinano Province wrote many tea haiku. Similarly, you can find many modern poets across the world whose subject is tea.
Here are two dozens randomly selected Tea Poems for you, written by well-known classical and modern poets.

Creme Earl Grey

By L.L. Barkat


By Prince Junna

Tea Ode

By Koreuji in A.D. 827

Tea Mountain

By Yuan Gao

Ballad of the tea pickers

By S. Wells Williams (1812-84), Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at Yale.

On Tea

By Edmund Waller

Tea for Two

By Irving Caesar

Tea Elegy

By Archbishop of Avranches Pierre Daniel Huet

Afternoon Teas

By Patricia Winchester

Waking Without Alarm

By Karen Paul Holmes, from Untying the Knot


By Sandra Marchetti, from Confluence

Tea Haiku

By Basho

The Proposal

By L.L. Barkat, first appeared at Best American Poetry

Tea, No Sympathy

By Maureen Doallas, author of Neruda’s Memoirs

Yunnan Red

By Mark Tulin

Sprouted Oolong

By Mark Tulin

Snow Jasmine

By Mark Tulin

Tea Meditation

By Mark Tulin

A cup of tea

By American Poet Scott Michael Pinto

A Timely Cup of Tea

By Shofi Ahmed

A cup of Tea

By Jazlle D.H

Darjeeling Green Tea

By Mohsin Maqbool Elahi

Snow Water

By Michael Longley